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Congruity Theory

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The Nature of Attitudes and Persuasion

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The Nature of Attitudes
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Drying Rack Sprout Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Tray│Baby Munchkin Organiser

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The Process of Persuasion
Munchkin Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Tray│Baby Organiser Drying Rack Sprout Organiser Munchkin Sprout Tray│Baby Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Drying Rack
Persuasion is really a pretty simple process with four basic parts. First, it begins with a person (the source or persuader) who wants something that he or she doesn’t have already. Persuasion is goal-directed; so all persuaders have goals that they seek, which is the second part in the process of persuasion. Third, persuasion actually works or occurs through messages, which are directed to the audience to help achieve the persuader’s goal. Fourth, persuasion is always aimed at an audience, which is made up of those people who can help the persuader accomplish his or her goal.
Drying Sprout Rack Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Tray│Baby Munchkin Organiser

So, if a Tom wants an advance on his allowance, he first has to decide that he needs some money. Then he decides that his parents could give him some cash. He could offer to do some chores for them, but instead he decides to try to convince them to give him his allowance early. This leads him to talk with his parents, asking them for an advance. He might just blurt out whatever comes to mind (or perhaps all he has to do is ask). However, he might want to think about what to say, what reason to offer if they ask him why he needs as advance, before he brings up his request. The point is, in this example, Tom is the source, obtaining some money is his goal, the message is his request for an advance (along with reasons), and the audience is his parents.
Organiser Sprout Tray│Baby Rack Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Drying Munchkin

If Jill owns a small business and needs some money (she will call it “capital” instead of cash) to buy some more goods to sell, the same basic elements apply. Jill is the source135mm focus Ai f3 Lens 5 Nikon manual dTqXBd7. Her Rack Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Tray│Baby Organiser Munchkin Drying Sprout goal is to obtain some money. The message asks for money (and includes reasons about why this will be a safe investment). The audience is the bank or potential investors.

Persuasion is a process, which means it goes through steps. First, the persuader must identify a goal, want or desire. Some goals don’t require the cooperation of others. For example, if I am bored I might decide to watch television, play a video-game, or walk over to the swimming pool for a swim. Ordinarily, persuasion isn’t needed in those situations (although I may have to persuade someone else to let me use the TV, for example). Other goals are unrealistic: I want someone to give me a million dollars, I want world peace today, I want to fly on the very next Space Shuttle mission. It is not likely that persuasion will help these goals. However, often the goals that we want to attain are possible, but require the cooperation of others. When we have a goal that others might be willing to help us obtain, identification of that goal is the first step in persuasion. We must know what we want before we can hope to achieve it. Do you want another person to go out on a date?  Do you want a professor to change your grade?  Do you want to sell your product to a customer?  Do you want someone to vote for you?
Drying Sprout Tray│Baby Organiser Rack Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Munchkin

Second, we have to identify the right audience; the groups of people who can help us achieve our goal. It has to be a group that we can speak with or write to (we have to be able to get our message to them). They must also have what it takes to obtain our goal. They may have information, or money, or power. But for persuasion to be successful the audience has to be able to grant our wish.

Third, we have to make up a message. For simple and easy requests, just asking might be enough. For other goals, we will have to convince the audience, persuade them, or give them reasons to do what we want. It is important not to just tell them why Sprout Tray│Baby Organiser Munchkin Drying Rack Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning we want them to do something. Persuaders can be more successful when they can make the audience want to help us achieve our goal. This means that we should understand our audience. We can increase our chances of convincing them to help us if we know our audience. Knowing what the audience knows, what interests the audience, what is important to them, can be very helpful.
Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Rack Sprout Drying Munchkin Tray│Baby Organiser

Fourth, the message has to be conveyed to the audience. In interpersonal relations, this simply means meeting (or calling, or mailing) the other person. Other messages, like advertisements, require more elaborate preparation and distribution arrangements. But persuasion can’t be successful if the messages do not reach its intended audience.
Sprout Munchkin Rack Drying Organiser Tray│Baby Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning

Sprout Munchkin Bottle│Cup│Accessories│Cleaning Rack Tray│Baby Organiser Drying

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